Nexus 5 Factory Image

Google announced that updates would be on their way for the Nexus 4, old Nexus 7.

some Android 4.3 factory images have hit Google’s Android Developers site. Sure, installing such images.

Within days of the announcement, not only were 5.1 factory images available for many Nexus devices, but OTA updates had been tracked down for convenient sideloading. It was all pretty great.

The first ones getting their updates are the Nexus 5, Nexus 10, and both 2012 and.

We also haven’t yet seen Google release Lollipop factory images for all these models, but that’s again.

Android 5.1 has been just recently announced, and, while factory images for some Nexus devices have already popped up, the Nexus 6 was not on the list. However, it looks like you don’t have to.

Cell-enabled Nexus 7 tablets finally get access to Android Lollipop – Today, Google finally starts bringing these two models into the fold, releasing Android 5.0.2 factory images for the pair. That’s right: the two cellular-capable Nexus 7 tablets are skipping.

It is rather safe to assume that we know more about the upcoming Google Nexus 5 than what we don’t, thank to all the leaks we’ve been seeing recently. Rumor has it October 15 is going to be.

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Then last week, 5.1.1 was showing up on some official Android dev pages, measuring Nexus family audio latency.

5.1.1 release quietly appears as a factory image available for download.

What’s an Android fan to do? Well, Google’s already made available a 5.1.1 factory image for the Nexus 9 (download link below), which you’re free to flash at your convenience, but if you.