Ios 9 For Iphone 4s

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A new class action lawsuit against Apple alleges that the iPhone maker crippled the 2011 iPhone 4s with the iOS 9 update, demanding more than $5 million in damages. The new suit was filed with a.

iPhone 4s iOS 9.2 Bugs There may still be some iPhone 4s iOS 9.2 bugs that have yet to surface. Sometimes problems will appear after extended use, but with no major issues arriving in the first 24.

Plaintiff Chaim Lerman says he and other iPhone 4s owners became unable to use their devices after upgrading to iOS 9 as the update "significantly slowed down" their iPhones and "interfered with.

If you’re still using an iPhone 4S, odds are fairly good that you’ve learned to hold off on installing major software updates on your iPhone. While new versions of iOS bring great and exciting.

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After reading through the iPhone 4s iOS 9.1 reviews from regular users and looking at iOS 9.1 iPhone 4s speed comparisons there are mixed reviews about the new update on the old phone. https.

but older ones like the iPhone 4s chugged along. iOS 9 is much more efficient, as demonstrated by the fact that the iPhone 4S runs the new version more quickly than it did iOS 8. Another.

iOS 5 vs iOS 6 vs iOS 7 vs iOS 8 vs iOS 9 on iPhone 4S Speed TestiOS 9.2.1 makes speed boosts for users with Apple’s older iPhone 4s and 5 – Although installing 9.2.1 still causes an iPhone 4S or 5 to boot slower, once in action the software can load apps as fast or faster than 8.4.1 in many circumstances, according to iAppleBytes.Boot.

but iOS 9 could include support for everything from 2011’s iPhone 4S to whatever phones Apple introduces in 2015. New iOS updates have a history of running poorly on older devices—iOS 7 was.